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"I'm still in shock"

"I'm still in shock that I'm hanging out with the Cryptozoic staff and so many of the community forum personalities I've admired in thread. I got to say that this experience has been almost surreal. I've tried to introduce myself to everyone possible in the area and my god is this community amazing and the CZE staff is in a class of their own.

Seriously, hanging out with the designers, community managers, and even the CCO, etc this weekend reaffirmed that these guys are the "real deal". I know Cory gets a lot of the press and face time, but the amount of "OMG" extends through and through. The handful of designers and developers I met are genius and borderline savant (I'm seriouswe can just stop with the discussions about how we think the game should be "tweaked" as it's not needed), and they all have a heart of gold. Heck, one even sat down and battled 2 of 3 of my kids and a frustrated wife of mine to complete a game of Hex. I'm still in amazement at this feat (and want to extend another thank you )

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Without divulging name specifics on both the CZE employees and ppl I met and hung out with I'll just say that my jaw is still dropped. I always believed this community rocked, the CZE staff was tops, and the game was going to be nothing short of the best. Well now I know firsthand. Honestly guys, anyone reading this message is blessed to be a part of it all. I think you already know thatbut yeah Hex is going to be THAT GOOD."

Grumph, on the forums:

"I'm very glad Hex was at Gencon, I've lived about 80 miles from Indy all my life and I've not had a reason to go to Gencon but always wanted to, I'm a video gamer at heart not a table top gamer. This year I went and it was really quiet amazing, Hex was even more fun then I thought it would be(inspire is amazing). Almost everyone that i talked to was very pleasant and helpful, although there we're a few grumpy folks who didn't like losing.

I played a total of 16 of games and lost only 4. My favorite decks we're United We Stand(Ruby and diamond), the mono Blood, and the eternal life (diamon). Inspire has some crazy potential, I don't think people understand how good this keyword ability is yet. On my first game the Sword Trainer with the pvp merc buff that gives a perm +2+0 allowed me to drop two sniper of gawaines that turned the game from a 15hp to 1hp game, in which i really thought I would lose, to a victory. The sniper, sword trainer, and merc buff won me most of my games, it works out so perfectly too. On round 5 i can play my fifth resource to charge my mercs ability, which I play on my sword trainer then cast my sniper(who is now (6/2) who nukes for 6 on entering play. I even had a video personality here at hex concede to me on the 4 round, we we're both at 20 hp, but i had 3 inspire troops down and had just used inner conflict on his big hitter.

Now the game had some bugs, several in fact. But less than I expected for the monumental task of debugging a game with several hundred cards. Every time they implement a new mechanic they will have to make sure it works will all of the old ones, including those that are unique to single cards. This is a huge task i'm sure, but the bugs in the game did not detract from the fun of the game one bit.

I am now more excited about Hex then I was before I played it. I was playing with preconstructed decks and having a he'll of a good time and I really can't wait to make my own. For the most part the other players we're courteous.

I want to thank CZE for taking there game to Gencon and giving me a reason to go and for making a totally awesome game with really amazing mechanics that I can't wait to get into the real meat of the game. I'd also like to thank all the ladies that dressed up like characters with highly exposed chests, you too make gencon a good experience "

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