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Microsoft's Marketing Plan

The marketing plan involves the investment in more digital marketing, with a particular focus to the social media. Engaging with the public to understand their perceptions, ideas and thoughts regarding the product are the aim for this new member of the Microsoft family.

This is a completely new approach for the brand, which is trying to change the whole behavior of the company and how it will be perceived by the consumers. This was necessary after the latest year of bad impression people seemed to have developed about the company. According to internal research, consumers found Microsoft to be underselling itself, or even confused with their strategies.

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However, it is important to say Microsoft does not intend to re-position itself with strategies similar to the ones Apple has been applying for years. Microsoft still aims for innovation, security and trust, which are the basis the company was founded on. Basically, Microsoft does not want to follow the trends, which could disappear very quickly, but continue to provide products and services of a stable level and quality.

As per myself, I welcome the entrance of new marketing strategies from Microsoft, as they we're much needed! But I also take my hat off to the decision of not wanting to transform completely into something they are not. Being on time with trends is essential for a company, but the need to focus on their primary customer base and how to satisfy them is just as important.

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