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I am so heavy with the delete button these days

I am so heavy with the delete button these days. Deleting full books I've written. Deleting poems and now blog entries? I need to knock that off! See, I just got home and sat down and decided I was going to write a blog entry because it's been awhile, and so I started writing what's on my mind, how I'm doing, what is going on in my world, what is going on in my headand then I realized, NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR THAT SHIT. Trust me. So I deleted it. Ignorance is blissI'm relearning my filter. I had lost it for awhile. Perhaps it makes for a more interesting blog when I just put it all out there but, good God Emma, USE SOME DISCRETION!

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So, instead of telling you the nitty gritty ins and outs of my soul, I'm going to tell you the highlights to my week! Less depressing, more uplifting!!

Did everyone in Western Washington love that beautiful day we had Monday? Monday was a rough one for me, but it was made better because after I was feeling a little better I was dragged (thank God for friends, seriously) outdoors and made to go on a walk where I DELIGHTED in the cherry blossoms, in the smell of spring in the air, in the warmth of the sun and the relief brought by a gentle but warm breeze, not to mention the simple joys that come from conversation with my peers. God, I needed that! And then I went back to my friends house and enjoyed a fire in the backyard and a little roasting of marshmallows. I NEEDED IT. One thing I'm learning, when everything in my body tells me to hermit and be anti social I need to do the absolute opposite and I'm grateful for friends willing to take the time to drag it out of me.

What did you do Monday?

I know this has been a rough couple of weeks for Western Washington. I know the Oso mudslide has left us all reeling. I am proud to know people that have been working night and day at the site of the slide, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. Western Washington, I have been proud to see the way we have united to help brothers and sisters in need. Mother nature always wins. Sometimes life is so unfair it's hard to make sense of it. It's warming, however, to watch us pull together, no matter if we contribute to the relief effort through donations or labor, that we can unite in such a powerful way leaves me speechless.

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